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Summer Style

Splendid LA Skirt | Urban Outfitters Top – similar | Shades

The only thing better than a beautiful beach day is an outfit so comfortable you can quite literally sleep in it.  (I tested it myself with cat nap on the porch…you’re very welcome).

A little Biggie for you today  because why the heck not? It’s all good baby baby!


Netflix For Your Face

New Wayfayers from my first experience using the Shop Ditto service. (It’s basically just like Netflix, for your face). The gist – you can go  on and rent designer eyewear.  Similar to Rent the Runway.  I can never decide what shades I want to wear so this is veryyyy helpful for me.  These shades are the perfect example. They’re cute, they’re cuttng it, but I don’t love them-love them.  I’m going to send them back and grab another pair next week.

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