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Why Activated Charcoal Is The Best Thing Ever

photo from man repeller

I discovered the amazingness that is activated charcoal when perusing some new skincare routines, and needed to share here STAT since it has an oddly wide range of uses.

I’ve been trying to pay way more attention to the chemicals I’m putting on my skin recently, and although I’ve heard the phrase many times “your skin is your largest organ” it has never really sunk in with me in terms of the products I’m using.  (I now look for less chemicals, more benefits!)  Activated charcoal is already used in tons of skin care products because of its porous quality and because of a process called adsorbtion (I swear I’m using my spell check – not to be confused with absorption – different thing!).  Wicked quick science lesson, k?  Adsorbtion works by electrical attraction, pulling molecules towards its surface and sticking to it, not becoming one with it. So basically – when you put activated charcoal on your face, the toxins are attracted to activated charcoal, drawing out the impurities.

These are the same reasons why charcoal is given to people in the hospital when they over consume alcohol, it draws out the toxins.  Which leads me to another great use for activate charcoal – hangovers! Grab an activated charcoal pill before you are planning on drinking (or the day after) for a kick-ass hangover cure.  I had myself a little “Sauvignon Saturday” last weekend, and taking a charcoal pill the night before seriously saved my life on Sunday. Just be sure to drinks tonsssssss of water.

And get this, you can apparently use it as teeth whitener, by literally brushing your teeth with it. I’m a little too freaked out to try this use of it though, something about the whole charcoal filled mouth thing really scares me.  I’ll stick with my Crest for now, thanks.

So back to the skincare – I’ve been loving mixing up this super easy 2 ingredient face mask.  I happened to have some capsules on hand, but  it’s actually much more cost efficient to grab straight activated charcoal powder from a site like a BulkApothecary, costs $3! (Much cheaper than what you’d find in the beauty aisle, right?  Don’t hate that!).

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