Changing Things Up

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!  This gorgeous floral design is by Boston Pollen for a collaboration we worked on together earlier this year.  More fun projects coming up in 2016! photo by Boston Pollen

What’s up guys!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve changed up the blog at bit.  Which is the ultimate blogger no-no in a way, but hey – rules were meant to broken right?


SO – welcome to the new site!  I wanted an updated and cleaner design and if we’re being really honest….which I hope we’re on that level now, I never really liked the name mean little mix.  I think The Coastal Creative speaks to the content on the blog much better. I’ll still be sharing a lot of curated playlists, but like you’ve already seen, I’ll also be sharing creative video projects and a wide range of lifestyle content (Think casual and comfy style, easy healthy recipes, fitness tips, beauty hacks, and lots o’ travels.)

I want to share more about my every day life going back and forth from coast to coast and more about my actual ‘day job’ that involves this ever evolving and always interesting business of blogging!  I’m always finding new influencers and creators who have the coolest content and I want to curate and showcase that here as well.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  Coastal lifestyle, creative production, and curated content .

Quite the mean little mix, eh?

Come on, I had to.



Salty Style with Halley Elefante

Or as you more likely know her, The Salty Blonde.

I don’t usually use the term ‘dig’…but I feel it’s warranted because mannnnnn do I dig this girl’s style.  Wrap skirts, big hats, and funky shades galore. Plus her backdrops aren’t bad either, I guess?  Just kinda okay?

Between her homebase of Hawaii and frequent tropical jetsetting Miss Elefante has got me in a serious state of closet and wanderlust.

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Stir It Up

Fact: Flowers for no reason are the best kind of flowers.

Fact: I’m never not the mood to hear a little Bob Marley.

Sending you some snail mail inspired love today, because why the heck not?



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