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Pretty Style by Lauren S Wells | top

I can’t believe it’s already Memorial Day Weekend?  How did this happen?  Time seems to be literally flying by, so I am happily welcoming this long weekend.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m planning on some serious time in the sun, a little spring organizing, and probably a margarita or three.

But first, here are a handful of things I’ve been loving this week.

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New Music Monday

It was just a gummy bears and fruity pebbles kind of Monday, you know?

I guess this technically isn’t a “new music” Monday, since I’ve technically written about my boy* Lincoln Durham before, but hey, it’s Monday, let’s not get all nit picky, mmm-kay? I’m excited to head to NYC this weekend to finally see Mr. Durham live!  He’s playing at a super small venue called Rockwood Music Hall, which just so happens to my setting of choice to take in the live tunes.  Especially a southern-gothic psycho-blues revival-punk one mand band. #YeahManYeah

*I use this term loosely, as we’ve never actually met

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