Stir It Up

Fact: Flowers for no reason are the best kind of flowers.

Fact: I’m never not the mood to hear a little Bob Marley.

Sending you some snail mail inspired love today, because why the heck not?



Fresh Balanced Drinks

A little Thirsty Thursday action for you! Fresh blended pineapple and Vodka is my new favorite drink of choice. Makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation.

If you are looking for a so-called ‘skinny drink’ this is great one. Use pineappple or whatever your favorite fruit is, freshly blended, and my suggestion – Keel Vodka. (It’s essentially a light vodka). Wha-La – balanced living!

Mini Moments: Brooklyn Bridge

Before the East Coast got pounded with snow, I took a quick weekend trip to New York and had to do the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. (New York really is a concrete jungle, huh?)  After our little stroll, we hit the infamous Grimaldi’s Pizzaria and it was – bold statement – the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Just sayin’.

aaand because I have to: Empire State today.

Now we in Newwwwwww Yorkkkk <3


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